Purnima is 4 years project funded by UKAid and managed by UK based private Mutt MacDonald. UN Nepal Gorkha is partnering with Oxfam under WASH component who is a consortium member of Mutt MacDoland. This project is started from June 2018 and now smoothly running in Chum Nubri RM and Ajirkot RM of Gorkha. WASH is a major intervention under this project where UN Nepal Gokha has planned to provide the clean water among 3750 populations in targeted working areas. The local and non local material has been procured during this period although construction has been not started yet. Software and capacity building component has been smoothly running in the field. UN Nepal Gorkha has already conducted pre construction training, Village maintenance Worker (VMW) training in the communities. The following are the selected schemes for the construction.

S.N. Name of Scheme Address HHs Cover Beneficiaries
1 Ghyachok DWSS Ajirkot RM 1, Gorkha 101 509
2 Turdi-Dewalswara DWSS  Ajirkot RM 1, Gorkha 54 315
3 Sandhikhola DWSS  Ajirkot RM 1, Gorkha 38 191
4 Harenghaderi DWSS  Ajirkot RM 4, Gorkha 33 174
5 Philim DWSS  Chum Nubri Gorkha 131 574
6 Dewal sanophilim DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 69 333
7 Angasursing DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 53 208
8 Pangsing DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 116 595
9 Chumchet DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 47 250
10 Chumling Taju DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 32 188
11 Sipchet DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 34 217
12 Khargumba DWSS   Chum Nubri Gorkha 29 196


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