SAHAS” Strengthening capacity of earthquake Affected families with children to Attain a resilient Society, is a project started at July 2017 in Gorkha district in former two VDCs namely Tanglichok and Bhumlichok. Both are occupied with more number of indigenous and marginalised community like chepang. Economically the whole VDCs are poor main occupation of the villagers is agriculture and livestock farming. It is highly potential area for commercial vegetable production. There is no access of road in rainy season. Due to lack of bridge over Ttrisuli river farmer carried their vegetable on basket and turn up to Fishling (nearest landmark).  No wonder youth are swamped away abroad for employment. After the revolution and peoples movement of 2005 against monarchy, political understanding can be observed high aware. They have mixed type of expression against politics and politicians. Newly established (reformed) local governments and lack of governmental revised policies and act. Technically we have a great support from local government.

SAHAS is an integrated project to support earthquake affected population of Tanglichok and Bhumlichok mainly women and children restoring livelihood.  It has expected four major outputs they are; Output 1:Community infrastructures damaged from disaster are reconstructed, Output 2:Vulnerable households are supported with immediate livelihood needs, Output 3:Household health, nutritional behavior and sanitation practices of women and children is improved and Output 4: Capacity of community people especially women and children improved to prepare for and respond in disasters. There are several activities under the project that support to achieve the goal some of them have been completed they are as follows;

Small scale mitigation structures in Disaster prone areas and schools

Two foot trail renovation is completed under this activities. One in HicklungBridge to Hicklung village in Bhumlichok, and another in Dalbhanjyang to Dandagaun in Tanglichok. The both foot trail were very critical and risk to walk up down. There are no another way to connect the village nor a road. 18 HHs benefitted from trail in Tanglichok and 60 HHs in Bhumlichok are directly benefited from the schemes. Returning wall construction was awarded to Janajagriti Primary School to prevent possible landslide is completed at GorditarTanglichok

Construction of community infrastructure

After finalization of all design estimate and procurement and approval on design estimate form and DUDBC have been received. Two multipurpose community building construction in Gorditar, Tanglichok and Agreedanda, Bhumlichok have been completed. Both buildings were awarded to local mothers group.

Agriculture Farmer groups formation/ reformation (6 group each partner)

Agricultural farmers Groups have been formed in Dorang at Bhumlichowk on December 8. There are 13 members in the group. Mainly there are Chepang members have been affiliated in the group. Out of 13, 11 members are Chepang others are Janajati. Like-wise on December 6 in Gorditar of Tanglichok, formed a 13 members farmers group has been formed. Allthe committee members are from Chepang community. There are 51 and 54 participants in the formation event respectively.There are more 4 agricultural farmer groups were formed.

Training on Commercial Vegetable production (2 training each partner)

Two commercial vegetable training were completed on 16-18 February in Tanglichok, Gorkha 30 participants have participated in the training. On 19-21 February same training was conducted inBhumlichok. 28 farmers had participated in the training from Bhumlichok. Participants were selected from farmer groups. Training was facilitated on theory along with practical at the field.

Composite package of vegetable seeds

One of the major activity of the project is promotion of kitchen garden to each HHs. In order to enhance the habit of producing daily need vegetable in their own kitchen garden. 360 HHs of the chepangangGurung community were provided vegetable seeds worth 1000 each. Distribution of vegetable seeds have been completed on 12 and 13 of April 2018. Fruit sapling will be distributed in the rainy season.

Fruits saplings (5 saplings each HH) including transportation

Fruit sapling should be distributed in the rainy season. As this year monsoon early activated fruits saplings has been distributed on 16th of June, 2018 for 270 HHs.

leadership training to the selected members of the groups and cooperative/  management training (role and responsibilities, meeting minting, office management) to the selected members of cooperative

The training was completed on 27 and 28 of March 2018. In the training 27 participants from Tanglichok and 26 from Bhumlichok are participated. The participants are selected from the cooperatives, Mothers Group, Child Club and Farmers Group. The main objectives of the training was capacitated the community based organization on office management and leadership. The training was facilitated on minute writing, group management and self-motivation.

Book keeping training to the cooperative members (which support on saving and credit practice)

Leadership and book keeping training was completed on March 28-29 in Gorkha Bazaar. In the training 29 participants have been participated from both ward. Participants were Cooperative members, child club, Mother Group and farmer group chairpersons.

Farmers linkages with market and agro vet

Under this, we supported 126 crates and 2 weighting balance to four cooperatives.BhairaviKrishi Cooperative and TolakSuntalaUtpadakCoperative in Bhumlichok and Srijanshil Coffee utpadan cooperative and GorditarKrishi Cooperative in Tanglichok.

Support of Biogas (Grant support)

5 HHs beneficiaries have been selected and coordination meeting with Biogas Company was conducted. Triparty agreement with beneficiaries, Gorakhkali Bio-gas Company pvt ltd. and Unification Nepal, Gorkha has finished. Bio-gas plant have been installed in 5 HHs in Tanglichok.

Support of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS)

Beneficiaries have been selected. The ICS distributed to 25 HHS of Tanglichok and Bhumlichok.

Solar light Support

10 solar panel and set were supported to poor and vulnerable HHsBhumlichok. and15 in Tanglichok respectively

Re/ formation of Child Club

Child club formation and re-formation is one of the major activity of SAHAS project as it is focusing on women and children. In the project area there have been re-formed 5 school based and 1 community based child club have been formed. They are;

  1. Annapurna Child club based on Annapurna Basic schoolTolakBhumlichok. There are 13 member in the committee.
  2. Thumka Child club based on Thumka Basic School ThumkaBhumlichok. There are 13 members in executive committee.
  3. Tomandanda Child Club based in Tomandanda Basic School in Tomandanda, Bhumlichok. There are also 13 members in committee.
  4. Bhalayadanda Child Club based on Bhalayadanda basic school in BhalayadandaTanglichok. There are 13 members in the steering committee.
  5. Aamtar Child Club based on Aamtar village in Tanglichok there are 13 members in the committee all are from the chepang community. They are all school children.
  6. Janajagriti Child Club based on Janajagriti Basic School in GorditarTanglichok.

All the above mentioned clubs are based on Chepang community.

Child Club Orientation has been completed on 1st and 12th of January 2018 in both VDCs. On 1st January 2018 Child club Orientation has been conducted in Gandaki Rural Municipality ward No 2 Tanglichok. The sessions were facilitated by JTA. Participants were all members from the child clubs of Tanglichok. There were 34 participants presented from the respective child clubs.

Another Orientation was organized in Tomandanda of BhumlichokGorkha where all members of child club of Bhumlichok were participated. Program Coordinator has facilitated the sessions. 31 Participants were actively participated in the orientation Class.

In both orientations children have been orientated about the roles and responsibility of the child club members, ways how to coordinate with other stockholders, personal health and hygiene etc.

Re/formation of mother group

There have been formed 1 mothers group and re-formed 5 Mothers group from the Chepang Community. 3 group in Tanglichok and 3 in Bhumlichok.  They are;

SN Name of Mothers Group Address # of Member
1 Ichhakamana Mothers Group DorangBhumlichok 13
2 Suryodaya Mothers Group TolakBhumlichok 13
3 Agreedanda Mothers Group AgreedandaBhumlichok 13
4 Sheeladevi Mothers Group AamtarTanglichok 13
5 Devi Chepang Mothers group GorditarTanglichok 13
6 Chepang Mothers Group BhalayadandaTanglichok 13

Promotion of tunnel house

Under this activity 110 tunnel (poly house) is being constructed. This as a technology of production of off seasonal tomato production technology under poly house. Technology of preparation of organic pesticide and drip irrigation is also integrated with this technology. Drip irrigation technology is fruitful to dryland where no surplus irrigation water source is.

Information diary

Information diary is contains of essential information about nutrition. It is useful to school children to write homework note. All the basic level students have been provided homework diary.

Supports sports/ extracurricular materials to the schools (footballs, skipping, globes, maps, charts with the pictures of various animals and birds, national figures, nutritious diets, do and don’t of hygiene behavioursetc)

All 16 schools of both VDCs have been provided essential sports and educational materials as per the need of shool

Sharing and coordination meeting

The data of the assessment on output 1 was shared with wars and Rural Municipality for the recommendation of the support via local government. Gandaki RM ward No-2, Tanglichok recommended us to construct the Nepal Chepang Organizations Building situated at Gorditar, Tanglichok but now Nepal Chepang Organization is planning to shift the building at somewhere else near highway so the community building will be owned by Devi KrishakMahlaSamauhaGorditar, Tanglichok. The activities under DRR mitigation work was recommended to renovation of Dalbhanjyang to Dandagaun foot trail that was really very steep with no single footsteps and Janajagriti Basic school compound conversation that was slid in the last monsoon. Under school WASH facility improvement Bhalayadanda Basic School toilet is recommended to construct. Promotion of Multi-use Water source (MUS) is another activities of this project one MUS is planned to construct in Gorditar targeting 15 Ropani of 8 HHs. Like in Tanglichok one community building was recommended to construct in Agridanda targeting the mothers group and Farmers group. Under mitigation activity Hicklung suspension bridge to Hicklung foot trail that was damaged by earthquake caused landslide was recommended to construct. MUS facilities was offered to Tolak and Lukuna. In Lukuna 17 HHs are targeted to irrigate likewise 27 HHs in Tolak. School toilet was going to build at Thumka Basic School.

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