Unification Nepal Gorkha (UN-Nepal), registered in the District Administration Office (DAO) Gorkha and Social Welfare Council (SWC) in the year 2009, is a non-profit making organization formed by a team of youth NGO professionals for sustainable development across the country. UN-Nepal was formed by a group of youths professionals hailing from various disciplines who wanted integrate research with social action for sustainable development towards sustainable peace and prosperity. Its constant endeavor has been to conduct action oriented, participatory condition of poor, the disadvantage and the oppressed. It emphasized participatory community development through various cross-cutting issues and empowerment of women in a more and just equitable world where these disadvantaged people, particularly, women and oppressed have a chance to mould their destinies

Currently it has been working with Oxfam, DCA, CWW, Habitat for Humanity Nepal, and other various INGOs in Nepal. The organization has its 1.8 million UDS annual turnover and more than 70+ staffs are in the field.

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